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Change .exe to .txt , .anything.. !! {Manual Extension Spoofing }
05.27.2012, 5:34 PM
First of all, neither I nor HC is responsible if you use anything explained in this tutorial other than educational purposes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Change *.exe to *.txt , *.anyformat <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Proof: (you may skip directly to tut.)
Download this txt file and just execute it .(DON’T FEAR , Its just a simple EXECUTABLE TXT coded in C which shows a dos screen saying : "Extension Exploit Works….”
Code used for the proof file :
void main()
printf("Extension Exploit works…”);
Alright here the tutorial begins:

(If you are lost in any steps explained bellow, follow the screen shots provided with the corresponding step)

 Prepare your exe file(Do FUD crypt or any freakin things with it) & bind it to a file according to the type of spoof extension(ex: bind .exe with a .jpg if you wana change .exe to .jpg to appear clean for the victim) . Then change its icon to the corresponding extension u want to convert, for example : for .exe to .txt you should change the icon of the exe to standard txt icon… similarly do for jpg & other files.

SCRRENSHOT: (I’ve not changed the icon but you should)

Image has been scaled down 27% (900x99). Click this bar to view original image (1221x134). Click image to open in new window.
[Image: ig92n.jpg]

Now rename your ".exe" to ".scr"( provided u’ve enabled show known extensions in folder options)

>Just normally rename its extension from ".exe" to ".scr" ,then windows will show a warning message saying about corruption of your exe . JUST IGNORE IT . After renaming to scr ,its still executable .


2.[Image: dzt5w.jpg]
STEP3: Now Its time to use the Unicode exploit

In this step you’ll need character map which is present in:
WINDOWS 7: Start->All programs->Accessories->System Tools->Character Map

For windows xp ,it may be present in the similar path or you may use third party applications available on the internet

Now Scroll down and find the "U+202E: Right-To-Left Override" character


Image has been scaled down 2% (900x544). Click this bar to view original image (916x553). Click image to open in new window.
[Image: wzduo.jpg]

Now click select and then copy .

Now choose to again rename the .scr file u just renamed from exe .


4.[Image: bfubs.jpg]
Now align the position of the cursor just before to the " . " of ".scr” 


->now press ctrl+v .

->now type "3pm” or "txt” for changing extension to mp3 or txt respectively , similar thing happens with jpg & other extensions .

->In my case I’ve renamed the executable to .txt and it looks like :


5.[Image: qymwb.jpg]
AND IT WORKS !!! ;-)


Image has been scaled down 24% (900x353). Click this bar to view original image (1172x459). Click image to open in new window.
[Image: yocvo.jpg]

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