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Hacking Windows XP Computers Account Passwords! [100% Works Everytime]
01.05.2011, 7:58 PM

Hacking Windows XP Computers Account Passwords! [100% Works Everytime]

You don't have to install anything, meaning you can successfully complete this tutorial without actually having administrative privileges!

Part One - The 'Run-Down'.
Part Two - What you need before you start!
Part Three - Websites and Downloads!
Part Four - Burning process!
Part Five - Using Ophcrack/Hacking passwords!
Part Six - ||Help||Hints||Tips||

Part One - The 'Run-Down'.
Ophcrack is a bootable program which automatically hacks into a computers database and retrieves the password.

Ophcrack is burned to a blank CD/DVD using an ISO burner.

Once Ophcrack is on a CD/DVD, you can boot it on any computer and it will give you the passwords of all the Users on that computer!

This is very useful for hacking administrative passwords on computers and works 100% of the time.

Part Two - What you need before you start!
Before we start, we need to make sure that you have the correct tools necessary for the job, they are as follow:
- A blank CD/DVD. (These are cheap to buy, they usually only cost about $10 for 50 in your local computer store!)
- Access to a computer where you can log in etc. (Any Internet Caf? with Windows XP is perfect.)

Ok, now that you have those two items, you can start Part Two of this tutorial. 

Part Three - Websites and Downloads!
#1) You will need to download the program called Ophcrack Live CD.
Spoiler (Click to View)

#2) You will need to download the free version of Active@ ISO Burner.
Spoiler (Click to View)

Once you have those two softwares downloaded, you can move onto Part 3 of this tutorial. 

Before we start this part, please insert your blank CD/DVD. 

Part Four - Burning process!
#1) Run the Active@ ISO Burner, and have the settings set up as mine in the spoiler.
Spoiler (Click to View)

#2) In the box at the top, just beneath where it says "Source: full path to CD/DVD/Blue-Ray/HD-DVD ISO image file", click on the three dots and search for the Ophcrack-Live CD.iso and click open.

#3) Click the 'Burn' button and wait for the progress to reach 100%. As you can see, it shouldn't take any longer than two or three minutes.
Spoiler (Click to View)

You can now move onto Part Five!

Ok, now that you have Ophcrack burnt to the CD/DVD you can pretty much hack any Windows XP password on any computer!

Part Five - Using Ophcrack/Hacking passwords!
#1) Take your CD/DVD which you have burned Ophcrack to, and go to the computer which uses Windows XP which you want to hack.

#2) You don't need to be logged in to do this, just turn the power on and insert the CD/DVD (Ophcrack) then shut off the computer again.

Now you have to boot the CD/DVD (Ophcrack).

#3) When the computer turns on, you will get a prompt to go to the Boot menu, simply keep pressing the key 'F8' until you go to the boot menu.

Now you will have to choose what to boot.

#4) Go down until you see CD/DVD Rom, and then beneath that, there should be an option called "SATA 2 : (random)". Highlight SATA 2 and hit the Enter key. 
Spoiler (Click to View)

This boots the CD/DVD (Ophrack) which you inserted.

#5) Choose the automatic mode and then just sit back and let Ophcrack do it's thing.

After Ophcrack has finished, the password to all accounts on the computer will the under the 'NT Pwd' part of Ophcrack.
Spoiler (Click to View)

Now that's it! Simply restart the computer now, and use the password to log in!

Part Six - ||Help||Hints||Tips||

~!Direct Downloads!~
- Ophcrack Live CD for Windows XP
- Active@ ISO Burner

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