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How to host web site
01.05.2011, 8:10 PM

Hello. I am going to explain to you about how to host web site directly from your computer home..

For this u will need 

Os: windows 7
and a minimum HDD OF 120gb will be enough

Ok Let go for it :

step one go to :Open a browser google chrome or firefox

Go to :

step 2: create and account and login you will see something like this:

Click on Add host services you will see something like this and u create your host name :

It will ask you for your ip address and you dont know it .. 

Go to :

Now you had created your hostname 

Steps 3 go to :

Click on from a mirror

Then u scroll download and click on 
Win32 Binary including OpenSSL 0.9.8o (MSI Installer)

It will start download ..

You download it..

Step 4

Go to :

You download the application..

[Image: 155864_171641362860288_100432763888_5120...3680_n.jpg]

step 5

Open the Dyndns updater setup and you install it.. you will get something like this :
[Image: 74213_171641749526916_100432763888_512033_7830388_n.jpg]

It will ask for email and pass then used the account that u had created you login and it will update it and show you the host name you had created 

It will look like this :
[Image: 73962_171641836193574_100432763888_512035_4015730_n.jpg]
[Image: 73954_171641889526902_100432763888_512036_8357583_n.jpg]

Select and apply and then you done..

steps 6
We got to install the Apache setup click on the application make next and you will get something like this:
[Image: 76475_171642566193501_100432763888_512037_6563411_n.jpg]

It will ask you for host name in the first 2 square put your host name that you had created go on the updated and copy it from their like this
[Image: 76913_171642896193468_100432763888_512039_6658210_n.jpg]

Then used control + v to paste it into the Apache setting like this

[Image: 74585_171643202860104_100432763888_512040_3972482_n.jpg]

it will ask you for admin email you put your email and press next

U will get another option u select the first option and press next 
[Image: 76902_171643256193432_100432763888_512041_3092414_n.jpg]

And you complete the application ...

Here you go now.. to test if it work open any browser and in the link address put your host name....and load the page you will see on when the page open it will said 

[Image: 150219_171644209526670_100432763888_5120...5432_n.jpg]

Then you know that it works ..

Now to update the website go to my computer ..
Local disk C tHEN Apache software foundation flick on it 

You will see HTDOC tHIS will be you index you can edit it and update your page..

{Special Note} Do not delete the index

If this dont work then it must be something with your ports

Open Cmd 

Type in ipconfig/all

You will see something like this :
[Image: 154772_171644856193272_100432763888_5120...1107_n.jpg]

Then you copy your default gateway then you put this in your browser it wil ask you for a user name and pass 

it should be Admin admin if not that contact your Isp and ask them 

Then you will enter your rooter configuration

Then u make a port forward open up port 80 and save the configuration then re update the updater and try it should work....

How to edit the index u simple create your page html or php wht ever you want and go to the Htdoc save your page and overwrite the original index this will update the page then .. it simple

That all.. It quite simple to do and no need to buy host to make your website ... Hope you like it...

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