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01.05.2011, 7:59 PM

I think everyone will know how to set it up.

First of all make sure that you are using fake mail that is not your real and used only for this opportunity(remember it just in case something bad happen and don’t use it to communicate with friends).Ok let’s start.
You should go to NO-IP registration page.
Type in your url browser: 
Under Username and Password field you have option Create account,click on it.

Under it just check "I Agree that I will create only one free NO-IP account”.
Then click on I Accept,Create My Account
Now they will tell you that conformation e-mail is on its way in this form.

From: No-IP Registration <> 
To: your e-mail you have written 
Subject: Activation

Go to your e-mail.

If you did everything properly,they will tell you that your account is confirmed.

Type again in your browser
In username type your email on which you received activation link.
Type your password.

You should get this page.

Choose your username.
Click on Add a Host button.

Now the page should look like this.
Type any name of the host you want.You can also change DNS name.
Now let me provide you with some explanations not to waste your time:
1)Hostname – a unique name that will identify your computer
2)Host type 
– DNS Host(A) - maps your computer according to your IP address
- DNS Host(Round Robin) – maps your computer to multiple IP addresses
- DNS Alias(Hostname) – maps your hostname to another hostname,can be used for pointing many hosts to the same name and updating them regularly
- Port 80 redirects – if you have horny ISP that is blocking port 80,using this and running your webserver on alternate ports users can enter your website without typing the port name in the url bar
- Web Redirect – This maps your host name to a URL.This only works for HTTP
3)IP Address – number that identifies your computer on a network

After that you should get a picture like this.

After that type again into your url web browser.
Click on Downloads button.

Depends of which OS you are using,choose download for Windows,MAC or Linux and download it on your computer.Don’t worry,file is clean.

Simply install the program once downloaded it by following Next-Next-Install buttons.Close it once installed.
Go to your start menu and find NO-IP DUC – DUC 3.0
Now enter your e-mail address and password for your no-ip.

Now enter your password.Make sure that you remember it.If you have a snitch in the house like me this will keep him/her away from making changes.

I hope you liked the tut,please leave comments.Thank you!

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