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01.05.2011, 7:50 PM

I'll teach you how to port forward through the router & modem. (Not with PFConfig  )

Lets Start!

Start off by going to: Start -> Run -> CMD -> And Type IPCONFIG

[Image: FASDASD.png]

Now Copy That "Standard Gateway // Default Gateway" IP And Type It Into Your Webbrowser & Log in.

[Image: IP_2.png]
My username is Root - nothing. The router // modem accounts usually are theese:

Admin - 
Admin - Admin
Admin - Password
Admin - User
Admin - Root
Admin - Custom Password, Check underneath your router for it! 

Root - Admin
Root - 
Root - Password
Root - Root
Root - Password
Root - Custom Password. Check underneath 

User - Root
User - 
User - Admin
User - Password
User - User
User - Custom Pass.

And so on.

Once you're logged in, Go to the "port forwarding" or in this case, "Virtual Server"

[Image: Ip_3.png]

[Image: DASDSAD.png]

Virtual Server: Enable / Disable.
Local IP: Found In IPConfig, As IP Adress.
Start Port: The Port You Want To Forward, Start Port.
End Port: The Port You Want To Forward, End Port.
Protocol: TCP & UDP or BOTH
Remark: The Name Of The Wished Forwarded Program.

And When You've Saved The Settings, Go To And Type Your Port In There, And If It Says

[Image: Ip_5.png]

Then You've Succeded Your Port Forwarding.

If It Says

[Image: Ip_6.png]

You've Failed. Then I Advice You To Take A Look At And Look For Your Router Or Modem, Once You Find It They Have A Port Forward Tutorial There.

Or Try To Have The Application You Are Forwarding For Open, Like Cybergate & Try Again!

Hope You Liked This Short Explained Tutorial! (Credits To Undefined For Giving Me The Inspiration To Do This, Since His Is With PFConfig, I Made It Router Style)


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