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01.05.2011, 7:16 PM

Low detailed summary:
I won't get much into the proxy world today. What you will need is mostly L1 High Anonymous and some L2 Anonymous. Don't ever use transparent, they are tracked with one click and you'll be IP-banned from megaupload. I get my proxies from, but there are many other great sites like these:


Grab minimum 1000 proxies (the more, the better) from various sites and your done with this part. Put them in a text-document and save it.

MUForum leecher: 

Now we need some Megaupload usernames. Oh no you might think but this part is actually the most easy one. What you will need is these two programs:


I'll only teach you about "Epic Leech"

Open Epic Leech. Click on MU Forum in the Site list. Then click start.

[Image: 55766327.png]

Let it run for like 1 hour and stop it. Then save the logins and close epic leech.


What all of you have been waiting for...  - The cracking part. What you will need is (maybe?) the most genius cracking-program ever made; Villian. Download here:


Before starting, find a great common password list or make your own. I uses this VERY VERY basic one: I will strongly recommend you getting a better or adding more passes.


This is not just made to crack Megaupload accounts, no you can also crack rapidshares, steams, hotfiles and much more. You can even add a custom site!
Well, to make this look a bit more uncluttered, I'll make it in numbers.

1) Open Villian and browse the Profile Options tab. Click load and find the folder where you placed Villian. Open the Profile folder and double-click on megaupload.ini.
[Image: 13170344.png]

2) Click on List Options and load the usernames from Epic Leech
[Image: 54924214.png]
Also load your passwords in the loader below.

3) Go to the second tab; proxy options. Load your proxies in this box: 
[Image: 92159299.png]
Then go to Crack Options and change the sockets to something between 15 and 30, according on your connecting 
[Image: 37838026.png]

4) Press the "start" button and after a few hours (or a night) stop it and check out your MU accounts! 


For some people who run Epic Leech for the first time there will come a popup saying that there is a problem with a OCX file. 
Download this helper: 


Run Regdllview. Navigate to file/register file.. find the missing OCX in your help folder and run it. Now it should be working. 

Thanks for reading!:) If you guys enjoy this then I might think of making it with steam accounts. Give me a thank-you to keep the topic alive.

[Image: idbdCQ.jpg]

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