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Setting up Dark Comet v3.0.1 + Download + PICTURES!![TUT]
01.10.2011, 8:18 PM
Setting up Dark Comet v3.0.1 + Download + PICTURES!![TUT]
welcome to the Dark comet RAT v3.0.1 tutorial! By yours truly. I havnt seen one on this forum and many people know of this RAT so I took up 2 hours of my day coming up with this.

Things you will need:
1. NoIP
2. DarkComet 3.0.1
3. Know how to port forward.
4. A brain

Tutorials/downloads to "things you will need"
1. For a no-ip tutorial and DL go here
2. For Dark Comet go HERE
3. Here is Port forwarding
4. cmon really?

This will go through setting up your dark comet for use. Spreading your server is a different thing everyone!

Please thank me for this tutorial. Please +rep if this 


It took a long time for me to make!!

First off. Download Dark Comet here and unzip then run client.exe
click on the I Accept and now you are in dark comet WOOHOO!

Click on "listen" and type in whatever port you want then press listen.
[Image: 2ajowwl.jpg]
After that go to the "general settings" tab at the bottom. 
Then check "Close Client to System Tray"
[Image: 97sbx0.jpg]
Click on the No-IP and type in your No-ip host, user name and password and click on the refresh button. I recommend checking the auto update.
[Image: jic2kw.jpg]
Now that you are done with that, go to "edit server" and pick the "712.00 KB"
[Image: 2ex4n5j.jpg]
choose main settings and listen carefully. Type in your password that you put in general settings. You can choose either RES or EOF. Im gonna choose RES. Press the "generate" button about 2-10 times. Enter in whatever ID you want for your server and whatever you want in your profile name.
[Image: 2lstxu0.jpg]
Click on "network settings" and in the IP/DNS box, put in your IP/No-IP address in here. Then put your port in the next box and hit test network. On success, Hit the "add this to configuration".
[Image: f5ax5i.jpg]
Click on "module startup" and check the "enable module server startup". the rest of it is up to you. The ones I checked are highly advised.
[Image: 20auv4g.jpg]
Click on "install message" this is totally optional. If you want it, just check the "display a message box on first module load"
then just fill in whatever you want. It is easy to create your own error. if you cant think of one then dont check it or just copy mine.
[Image: 2d161xv.jpg]
Click on the "module shield" i advise you check the "active persistent process" and the other thing in BLUE then just check whatever you want that you need or want. the ones I have chosen are highly advised.
[Image: 28b60w5.jpg]
Click on "keylogger". it is optional but once you check the first box the rest is your information.
[Image: 1z4isgp.jpg]
Click on "choose icon". still optional. click on the custom icon to choose an icon from below.
[Image: 2aiizyp.jpg]
Click on "binder" choose whatever you need here. click on the browser button to find something that you want your server to be binded with later.
[Image: 15oa2z4.jpg]
Almost there!!! just click on build module and choose your extention (exe is advised). and choose whatever compression method you want
then select the "save profile settings after build". then hit BUILD SERVER!!!the emtpy box should have a lot of shit going through it. wait a while and then if you did anything wrong it should tell you. what you should get is this below.
[Image: 34i3dhf.jpg]
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